Greenline: A Peer-To-Peer Monetary System
Greenline is an advanced solution which allow users access to a simpler, safer and faster transaction method

The Community

Who Is Gi Community

Gi Community was officially established in July 2019. But the initial discussion started in May 2019.Gi Community consists of few crypto enthusiast from 3 different countries, Hong Kong, Indonesia & Malaysia.

Gi Community businesses is based on crypto trading, cybot loop arbitrage, exchange rates, network, services & greenline mining contract. Our first community will be build in Malaysia & Indonesia in the first year running. And we planned to take it futher to other ASEAN region such as Brunei, Philippines & Thailand.

We combined our knowledge in building healthy community by educating people on cryptocurrencies & how to benefit from them, not the other way round and we developed the greenline ecosystem.Our study is based on market development, bitcoin, alternate coin, crypto community, blockchain and economic growth of cryptocurrency.

This is important to ensure the stability of our cryptocurrency : greenline coin (GLN); developed by Greenline Project.